Xmas Fear

Rothesay, New Brunswick
December 23, 2009 4:05pm CST
Well Christmas Eve is just a mere few hours away, and I am more and more anxious as time passes on why? If you wanna know part of the back story read: http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/2201865.aspx Well Okay I was trying to make it look as if I am completely in the dark and do not expect a thing. My cousin is still saying she thinks hes got something big planned but what blew me away was monday night. I messaged him, asking him if he possibly had a moment to talk. He said he only had a moment, so I asked him if he got his xmas card yet. He told me he didn`t and then asked me if I lost someone this holiday, I told him no asked why he mentioned the memorial name my brother had on his msn for our late grandfather. He perked up alot then. and stated the following:If I don`t get the card soon I wont for a while, I`m going away on christmas eve for about a week or so. Scared I asked him:Your going away for xmas? He replied with, Yea but don't worry...I`m sure you`ll hear from me sometime that week. said night and=P. I was totally shocked. So now my christmas eve aproaches terrified I am going to open the door and find him on the other side, kind of excited if he does, but knowing it may be a let down if he doesn`t but I`m mostly terrified, what if he comes all this way and is disapointed.
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