A reminder to stop and say Love you to the ones you love.

December 23, 2009 10:06pm CST
I did something on another site and I am surprised at the response that I did get. I would like to do the same here. But here, I want to ask you about past, present and future society and what they think. Here is what I said "want to tell you something not often said. You all show me love and support in your own way when I am depressed, even share in my happiness and laugh at my foolishness. As christmas approaches, make the effort to stop and say I love you to all the people that mean so much to u. That's the reason why I am taking time to say, thank you for being my family and friend. You have a loyal friend in me as I love you all in different ways." I think it is not often said in today's life. We are just too busy just to take time out for at least 1 or 2 minute to tell a person how much you care for them. I think in the past people did stop more often because we did have the time to speak those few words, but in the future, it decrease because we tend to think of ourselves more. So for the second time but to a different group of people, Every member of mylot is part of the mylot family as brothers and sisters, with the staff of mylot are our mylot parents keeping watch and making sure we are doing the right thing. So again, I am going to stop and say thank you all for being my mylot family and to say I love you all because of your kind help and advise you have given me over the time. I love this site because without it, I may be in a complete mess. I am now going to ask you how often do you stop and think about the ones that you love regardless if they are family, friends or even members of the an internet site? Do you think that in today's life we don't stop to say I love you as often as times in the past? And will it increase or decrease the amount of times we do stop and speak special words to special people in our lives?
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@jkcokley (267)
• United States
25 Dec 09
Well Chookie1971: I agree. We don't take the time to say I love you enough even to the people we truly love. I personally tell my six year old I love you before he goes to school everyday or before I go to work. This also includes my 19 and 15 yr olds. We hug every night before everyone goes to bed and even when someone just needs a hug. You see you don't have to say I love you every time. A simple hug, phone call, card or letter will do. Even an email!. So to all my - mylot friends. I love you and merry christmas
• China
24 Dec 09
i really said too much i love you to my wife and sometimes she may had a lot of it and doubet my faith. once she even said she do not think i love her still after some argurement. so that's really the nice piece of advise and i will try my best no to say that word often but do it.