United States
December 24, 2009 8:23am CST
Do you ever wonder why the hamsters just keep running in circles on that wheel toy? I know it is for exercise but why do they continually do it?
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23 Jan 10
Who knows why hampsters just run in circles. They must enjoy it, and little rodents like that have a lot of energy that needs to get used up. It isn't a bad thing if your hampster (or other rodential pet) likes to run around. Nothing bad is going to come out of that besides them needing more food due to a increased metabolism due to an increased muscle mass.
@meng23 (146)
• Philippines
21 Jan 10
Yah sometimes I wonder. But for me I think its a way for them to stay active and not bore. Because hamster really likes playing.It also serve as their exercise at the same time their pat time. Sometimes they even like to play with us because they became sensitive whenever we didnt pay attention with them. .God Bless.
@kumogami (13)
• United States
28 Dec 09
When I had hamsters, I used to pretend that they liked the squeaking sound the wheel made. It was probably unpleasant, but not nearly as unpleasant as atrophy. Lots of animals find ways to exert themselves physically when they have nothing else to do. They probably don't get bored with repetitive tasks the same way that we do. Some people like going for walks / runs, and the amount of sensory information we take in compared to the hamster on the wheel is probably proportionate to the difference in our ability to process sensory information. Hamsters are so cute. ^_^
@gala65 (6)
• Bulgaria
27 Dec 09
The hamsters love movement,love to climb.Because rotate the wheel.
@May2k8 (6839)
• Indonesia
24 Dec 09
yep, I also wondered perhaps because hamsters like to run so they are kept in the loop.