do you receive some extra payments as the gift of Christmas

@hwj308 (64)
December 24, 2009 10:05pm CST
some of my friends received extra payments from bux sites ,many of them get one or two dollar as the gift,one of our forums called "95588qq", yesterday,the administrators even paid us 500 yuan in total randomly as long as we response, so happy ,yesterday ,we realize the world are so kind . what about you ?
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• China
25 Dec 09
it seems not.haha .
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@danitykane (3192)
• Philippines
25 Dec 09
Nice! Oh is that a chinese site? anyway, that is really great! The only money I got for Christmas came from my dad. Haha! I wish I could have get it somewhere else..lolz.
@dianmelydia (2272)
• Indonesia
25 Dec 09
I never checking whether a payment is a special gift such as for celebrating Christmas or something like that. And actually i haven't received any payment related to this celebration. But as i know several days ago, mylot's admin offering good offer for us here. Each post worth for double rate, so i think that was a Christmas gift from mylot's admin. I think although that offer is offered before d-day of Christmas, but it was really amazing. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
25 Dec 09
The only time I earn any kind of extra money or recieve any type of money is when George's parents send me some on my birthday and Christmas. Once and a while they'll send something from Thanksgiving, but yeah The only bonus I had was yesterdays... not yesterday per say but tuesday's bonus day where everything posted was worth double. However today I should do well seeing as I've uploaded a handful of pictures around the site. So payday should be a good start come January.
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• India
25 Dec 09
no at all i have not received any special gift this Christmas dear