Do you wear wedding ring?

December 24, 2009 10:35pm CST
This question is only for married people. Do you wear your wedding ring with you all the time? For me, I don't like wearing the ring though I have been married for one whole year.
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@wuyuanhua (114)
• China
31 Dec 09
yes. It don't wear the ring too because I have podgy fingers, so I don't wear any rings. I think many men have podgy fingers. So if we wear the ring. it looks not good. Please response my discussion often. you know we are chiness and good friends.
@myramae19 (667)
• Philippines
30 Dec 09
hi. yes, my wedding ring is on my finger for more than 3 years, I never take it away since I got married, For me the wedding ring, that most famous and instantly recognizable symbol of the hopefully perpetual joining of a man and woman as husband and wife in the institution of marriage.It's a recognizable symbol of love. Happy new year.
• Indonesia
26 Dec 09
Well, I used to wear my wedding ring all the time. But my fingers are now getting so much bigger due to pregnancy that makes me gain a lot of weight. My wedding rings doesn't fit me anymore lol
@dianmelydia (2272)
• Indonesia
25 Dec 09
I haven't married yet so i don't wear a wedding ring right now. But i think wearing a wedding ring must be depends on the situation. If you are an employee, and your job requires you to using your hands and fingers mostly, and go out side oftenly, i think better don't wear the wedding ring because it can risk of losing that ring. I think a wedding ring is a precious memento which we must take a good care with it. Especially in my country where crimes are very high, we shouldn't wear any jeweleries if we go out there because it can harm ourselves if a criminal see our jeweleries. So, better wear it in certain occasion only. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.
@ifa225 (11097)
• Indonesia
25 Dec 09
Hello alexfeile318. No, i do not wear it, because it is itchy. My skin is very sensitive skin, actually i want to wear it, but Rather don't because of it. I wanted to because it show to the world that i have a bond to my husband. holly bond..^_^