Why people don't ask for help?

December 25, 2009 1:50am CST
There are so many people I know who didn't ask for help even though they can't make it. Is it because they don't want to bother others, or they are too proud of themselves? When you know you can't solve your problem do you seek for help? What are the reasons why people don't ask for help?
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• India
27 Dec 09
Hmmm, I'm too nearly a same sort of a person my friend. I usually like to face my problem on my own. I don't like many interfereing into my issue until and unless I expect for it. I'm a bit lazy thus ask my friends to help me, but still I don't do that when it comes to serious issues. Actually speaking the main reason in it is that I don't wanna put them too in a trouble, that now I'll get to pull myself out and the other too.
@karthi_88 (299)
• India
27 Dec 09
i am also of same kind friend.but i am not stubborn that i don't want others to bother me.just trying it once we should not ask for help.first we should have confident when we do something,we should try it many times to make it and if cant we can ask for help. have a nice day:)
• China
25 Dec 09
Hi,Merry Christmas! according to your question,I think that depends.During college,when I had some academic problems which I couldn't solve(of course after I tried for several times),I would ask my roommates or classmates for help,and fortunately,they are willing to help me:)But when I encountered emotional problems,I would probably not ask for help but stay alone until get over it myself.so I think it depends on the personality and what kind of situation you are in.