Best in Graphic Cards??

December 25, 2009 8:02am CST
Which is the best graphic card as am looking to buy one?
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• United States
27 Dec 09
Personally I am an Nvidia fan. I have had both and I prefer the Nvidia interface much better, plus I think they work better with Intel processors. If you have an AMD computer then ATI is probably your best bet since they are made by the same co. If you are looking for just any graphics card and do not have a specific purpose for its use, i.e. gaming, photoshop, movie editing, or even if you want to run dual screens, then you should look at your overall system. A graphics card is just one part of the computer, but it is also one of the most important ones if you are looking for quality graphic reproduction for your monitor(s), or if you plan on using it to connect to an HD tv. Taking all of these things into account, the next thing you have to consider is what kind of system you have under the hood. Are you running a new windows 7 computer or fixing up an old xp, vista, or mac? If you are in the pc realm then you really need to look at what OS you are going to run with. I'm sure if you are a Vista user then you probably already have or soon will be running win 7. If you are like the millions of xp fans waiting to see what win 7 is like then you really don't have to worry because any new graphics card will run on win xp or 7 with no driver issues. Of course if you were running any flavor of Linux, I would be extremely surprised that you would even ask this question, but just in case you are thinking of ever switching to Linux then you would just need to make sure the card has drivers for the version of Linux you might want to use. Another consideration is how much memory do you want for your card, which I would say as much as you can afford. It doesn't matter if you are running one kind of mem on your mother board than that of your video card. However you will want to check your bios and see if your MB has on board video, if so you can free up some of your ram by turning that off, or in some cases you can let your new video card use some system ram if it needs it. Last of all, make sure you buy the right kind of video card. You probably already know this but you would be surprised when you go to install the card and it won't fit. Most likely you are looking at AGP or PCI express. That's PCI express 16x 1 or 2, and either card are backwards compatible, so if you have PCI express 16x 1 or an PCI express 16x 2 slot or card they will work interchangeably. I hope that made sense. Also don't get confused by PCI express 1x, 2x, or 4x slots, they are for other types of cards not video. Only PCI express 16x 1 or 2 are for video. If I have totally confused you on the type of card to buy, i.e. AGP or PCI express then I suggest you make sure you figure it out otherwise you could be buying a card that won't fit your MB. Also they still make PCI video cards but they're rare to find, and once again they will only go in a regular PCI slot not PCI express. Well good luck with your purchase, if you live in the states I would suggest you try or and if you want a good place to check out opinions and get professional reviews on all things electronic then I would check out which now has multi language country support. Oh yeah you also might want to think about the company that actually makes the video card. Nvidia and Ati are only chip-sets, so unlike buying an apple which is totally proprietary, video cards are made by a dozen or more companies, all of which will have good and bad card designs, so make sure you do your homework, otherwise you might get a great card, but it sounds like an airplane because the fan design is crap. I've got one if you want to contact me. lol I do have one but it's not for sale, it's just waiting for a new MB and to be used as to run Linux in a room where the sound isn't an issue. Happy Shopping:)
• India
11 Jan 10
Good answer UpDownandAllAround
• India
25 Dec 09
buy nvidia geforce gtx210 series
• India
25 Dec 09
This I was also told by my friend, I think I will go for it
• Indonesia
25 Dec 09
If I prefer the ATI, since I have been using this product more comfortable, and had never experienced much less difficulty in finding a driver. This in my opinion, I do not know about my friends opinion??