I might quit aiming for higher earnings in Mylot but....

United States
December 25, 2009 8:38am CST
So far Mylot is good compare to other sites because I don't need to invest from my pocket. I will still visit mylot because I like posting some discussions and I enjoying responding topics of the interests and topics of my friends. I will not look at my earnings. This site is very informative. I gained some good friends, shared my expertise to some and learn many things about online earnings. I will focus on my residual earnings site starting January but will still post and reply discussions here.
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• Thailand
25 Dec 09
I mean, the real aim of mylot of course isn't for the money. 1 cent per post isn't the highest you can earn from the net, but the people here are very nice and they share a lot of knowledge here. Also mylot has never let anyone down yet when it comes to payments. That is why it is worthwhile here.
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• Vietnam
26 Dec 09
That's right. I joined myLot also because it looks like LiveJournal, Yahoo! Answers and YouthSays, which I'm doing Q&A and having fun!
@punjab911 (241)
• Canada
26 Dec 09
Hey alohagems100! I'm Happy that you think like that, I know that most people who visit mylot do not think like that. They want to earn money with their earnings. I'm glad that you do not care about your earnings. If only everyone who comes to mylot thinks like you do! It would be much better. Hope you enjoy my opinion. Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your new year! Also have a great day and have loads of fun mylotting! Punjab911
• Mexico
26 Dec 09
Hi punjab: In my case I visited Mylot for the first time looking for an oportunity to earn some money but I stay here because i have noticed that this is an interesting and that i lear more with every discussion i participate, it's a friendly site where i can share my opinions about different topics from the most controversial, to the intelectual subjects and we can also give advices to a person in need. It's simply amazing and i think that's the reason i have been here since the first day I came here. Thanks for your answer. Hope you are having a nice time. Merry Christnas/ Happy Holidays. Take care. -Alvaro.
• Indonesia
26 Dec 09
Hmm..residual income is always sweet, right? :) I agree with you on not to take mylot too seriously, because this site is actually for fun. Still, I admit that I gain a lot of good information here. Mylot is g good place to find out about another earning opportunities. By the way, how did you manage to write your 100 articles? It sounds very inspiring! How long did it take you to write that many?
• United States
26 Dec 09
Very sweet. I started last april 2009, with 11 articles and was lucky enough to reached their monthly minimum payout of $10, May $11.51, June, $13.45, July $ 29.24, Aug $34.58, Sept, $56.02, Oct $50.40, Nov. $52.66 ...... I have reached my 100th articles last September, however, the site is working for quality articles so they have monthly articles sweeps. I have a total of 130 plus and only 107 survived. The sitel also provides reasons for each article deleted. Some new members took them 2-3 months to reach the payout. Reading forums in this site helps.
@jpso138 (7869)
• Philippines
26 Dec 09
I have been here for quite a time. I usually do not think much of how I earn since I have been enjoying the site for quite a time. Its not really a high paying site but definitely its worth the time and effort. You simply learn and gain more than money as long as you continue to be here.