what is the meaning of ranking in mylot under a section.?

@dipak06 (913)
December 25, 2009 11:06am CST
i have observed that whenever i am going to open any discussion in mylot..then beside my avatar there is a rank of mine in that particular section...can you please tell me in details what is the meaning of this ranking??is this a reflect of my quality in that section ??when will that be better ??
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@chubit (122)
25 Dec 09
I always try to rank a user "the best reply" but whenever I join discussions noones bothered. Now I'm less keen on doing it because it doesn't appear to be very useful. Its a shame, if I knew that someone would actually bother to rank my response then I'd probably put in more effort to my replies. (and if others thought they'd get a rating from me, they'd probably respond to me with higher quality replies)