Is HP (Hewlett Packard) a Racist company, ideal corporate citizen

Hyderabad, India
December 25, 2009 2:51pm CST
White Wanda and Black desi have proved that HP computer`s facial recognition software is racist. HP facial recognition software detected Caucasian faces much more accurately and never ever detected Black faces which proves that HP and its partners lack African Americans in their product development. For entire coverage and video clippings
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@DameJenny (110)
26 Dec 09
Hmm, the Desi and Wanda video looks a bit tongue in cheek to me, Kevins blogspot are very brave to write in black and white that this proves that HP are racist. The issue is obviously one of subject contrast and if the foreground illumination is really adequate then there should be no problem as HP say. Or is it racist to point out that Black people have darker skin tones than white?
@Fadolf (546)
• Slovenia
25 Dec 09
It really has nothing to do with racism. It is pure physics, brighter colors reflect more light than darker ones so that is the reason why is it happening. I believe this will get fixed soon as the problem lies only in sensitivity of the chip. Take care and happy mylotting!