what is the real meaning of dating?

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December 26, 2009 3:37am CST
i did not know what is the real meaning of dating lot of people in the world are doing dating for which purpose insted of marriage what is this i did not know?
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• United States
9 Jan 10
Hi balabrahmam, Because times have changed, dating has changed as well. People date for many reasons but usually its to become more acquainted with the person they like/attracted to. Some people are looking to date casually, just for fun, to boost their ego, to fall in love, or for hookups. Others are looking for a relationship that will lead to marriage or are seeking a long term relationship that doesn't entail marriage. So, it really depends but its normally a way to know each other better and to find out if you are compatible; have similar interests/goals/values etc... Do you see what I mean?
• United States
26 Dec 09
The real meaning of dating a person is really getting to know the person as an individual. If you like the person each date gets more intimate and more deep, depending how well you are connecting with each other. Nowadays people just care about how many girl/boyfriends they have and their definition of "date" is hanging out with friends with their date with them.
@honey023 (57)
• Philippines
26 Dec 09
Dating is a simple way of knowing a person. If you like a person, then you go in a date!! To know each other more!!!! Marriage comes when you definitely sure with that person you want to spent your whole life with!!