Chocolate symbolize Love??

December 26, 2009 5:42am CST
Many people express their love by giving chocolate. When Val's Day comes, chocolate become the most favorite gift. Do u think that chocolate symbolize a love? Howcome???
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• Vietnam
26 Dec 09
I have heard about this before, that chocolate tastes both sweet and bitter, and so does love!
• United States
26 Dec 09
Oh, that's cute. :)
@danitykane (3192)
• Philippines
26 Dec 09
hi indocorner, It sometimes does but for me, red flower symbolizes "love" more. But no matter what the gift is, either a chocolate or a flower I can call it love when it was given full heartedly and the person really meant what he feels. Material things are like an icing or an added bonus, a person's intention is far more important than anything else. But with chocolates, it has been a tool or a bridge to let someone know that she/he is special to another person. It has been used for centuries and I think it is very "sweet" and nice to receive this kind of yummy treat.
• Indonesia
26 Dec 09
yeah... u r right that someone's intention is more important than material things. Chocolate is only a means to please someone we love.
@smilemoon (767)
• United Arab Emirates
23 Feb 12
Yes, it is because it is delicious.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
5 Sep 10
Yes true..chocolate is sweetness of love and i feel love is sweet moment of any life and chocolates are best gift.
@MimiRemo (420)
• Philippines
5 Jan 10
Yes, giving chocolates is a way of expressing love. It's a sweet treat that contains serotonin that makes us feel good when we eat it. Chocolate is also identified as an aphrodisiac, giving us simple sensual pleasure as we consume it. Be it chocolates, flowers or any material or intangible things, when it's whole-heartedly given to me, I'd say it is an expression of love.
@codris (783)
• Italy
26 Dec 09
first i don't belive in valentine's day, it's only a day like all the others, and there's no need do demostrate your love only in one day in all the year, but every day can be a special day if you truly love someone. i don't think that chocolate can express love between two persons, expecially when you buy chocolate, i think that the real best thing are not thigs you can buy but what you do with your own hands to your partner, this is the right thing do to, use all yourself to do something to your love, these are the priceless things.