Do you hit your man/women?

December 26, 2009 10:39am CST
I have a question for all you angry people out there. Do you hit you boyfriend/girlfriend? If you do why do you hit him/her? Would you go to anger management if your partner said they'd leave you otherwise?
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• India
27 Dec 09
I love my girlfriend very much. So i do not hit my girlfried. It's not good to hit your girlfriend.
@raisur (423)
• Bangladesh
26 Dec 09
hi sathi biswas, i have never hit my wife, nor she ever did it with me... when either of the couple does it,i don't think the relationship is friendly and based on understanding anymore... unless he/she is truly repentant, there is no point pulling along... i know, in our part of the world (i find you are from kolkata)it's difficult to get separated even within many odds... but, as you questioned, you asked about hitting a boy/girlfriend... if you really meant so, there is no question continuing the relationship... and anger management??? i don't believe in all these... whole life is ahead... one who can hit you before marriage, don't you think he/she will repeatedly do the same throughout, whether or not he/she undergoes anger management, especially when he/she finds his/her partner bearing with it when he/she had all the means to leave him/her? whoever it is, i'll suggest him/her not to be so goof... once you get married, it's not that easy... you are still very young... i tell you, life is not that simple as it may appear to you...
• India
26 Dec 09
Never in my life will I ever hit my girl. If I did so, the same day would I cut the hand which hit her. I can never even think like that my friend.