Do you know the real meaning of each moth in the calendar?

@masoud02 (176)
August 30, 2006 3:00am CST
January to December.
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@Eiloin (327)
2 Feb 07
January (Ianouarius) - from Ianos (a roman god of... something) February -- februum = purification (in latin) March (Martius) -- from Mars, the roman god of war April (Aprilis) -- from the latin verb aperire = open, to suggest the entrance of spring May (Maius) -- from the greek godness Maia June -- from the Roman goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter July -- it originally was called Quintilis in Latin (it was th 5th month of the roman calendar), but was renamed for Julius Caesar to Julius August -- originally named Sextilis in Latin (6th month of roman calendar), but was renamed in the honour of Caesar Augustus September -- 7th month of roman calendar (septem) October -- 8th month of roman calendar (octo) November -- 9th month of roman calendar (novem) December -- 10th month of roman calendar (decem)
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@clintz15 (977)
• India
29 Sep 06
January --- Janus ,two headed roman god .....
@masoud02 (176)
• Oman
29 Nov 06
good, keep on searching for the rest.