The Houston Rockets and The NBA ground

United States
December 26, 2009 8:50pm CST
The Houston Rockets are surprising alot of people in the NBA this year, the 2009 -2010 season. They have no marque players; their two stars, Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming , for the most part, are out for the season though McGrady is now in a limited role so far. What makes the Rockets unique are the work ethic and grind they bring to every game. Trevor Ariza makes the Rockets forget about losing Ron Artest to the Lakers and free agency. Trevor is a slasher and plays dynamite defense and shoots a decent three. The greatest bomus is his age. Through he has been in the league six years, he now only 26 yeArs old. He fits right into the Rockets lunchpale style. Forward, Shane Battier, 6-6 center, Chuck Hayes, Argentian all star, Louis Scolia and Aaron Brooks are keeping the Rockets fighting and in the hunt. Currently, they are 19-12 second in the Southwest to Dallas and doing better than many thought they would. The key to the Rockets so far has been their bench and sixth man of the year phenonenom, Carl Landry. Landry averages almost 16 points agame and provides game changing energy every game. He is relentless on the boards and in the paint and shoots a good 15 footer from the outside. Rounding out the bench are Carl Lowry, Chase Buddinger, David Anderson and Jermaine Taylor. They are in almost every game by sheer hustle and will to win. The current Rockets represent the heart of Houston and Clutch city that reminds of the championship years. A key is what will happen to former all star Tracy McGrady? Will he be traded or will he be incorporated into the chemistry of the team? How far the Rockets go depends in one way or another on McGrady.
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