getting out from school

@px_yeap (269)
December 27, 2009 7:54am CST
just graduate from college...and finding that trying to earn a living is hell of hard...and monthly expenses is more than 60% of my total income! can't even save up to what i intended to do so.... is it normal for those who just came out from school? this is crazy! how long does it for someone to get out from this from getting out from college? or because just that my luck is not there...
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@sachii315 (489)
• Japan
27 Dec 09
Hi px_yeap! I been through that experience after I graduated. First, finding a good job was very difficult because it was the start of recession. At the start of my first job, my salary was just enough for my basic needs. I was always on a tight budget so at the start of it, I was still living with my parents. After 6 months, I got promoted so I got a raise. Just bear with it. It will soon get better. Good luck and happy mylotting!
@px_yeap (269)
• Malaysia
27 Dec 09
sachii, omaye wa nihon-nin desuka? hahah..that is the best i can say~! thanks for the respond! i guess it a bit more encouraging! i hope it is just like what u will soon get better...hahah...thanks!