What is the best affiliate program that you participated?

December 27, 2009 2:51pm CST
I Currently 4 affiliate programs. The first is myLot this is a program that pays you to post comments, and for you to talk on various subjects, actually the best program that paid to write, also pay for other things like completing offers and surveys. The second is about our good old AdSense currently use it on my blog, i already got him 6 times this year,for those who like to work with companies that really can be trusted,i first recommend AdSense one of the best advertising tools on the web. The last programs i have used Files-Cashout and ShareCash this programs pay per download the Files-Cashout pay around $0.30 to $ 0.70 per download, the ShareCash pay $0.20 to $ 0.60 per download both are paying, but sometimes the payments take longer. These are the affiliate programs that i use, all of them are qualified to participate, if you know or find someone better please comment.
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