What was your biggest fear while pregnant?

United States
December 27, 2009 5:13pm CST
I'm a first time mom to be in my 2nd trimester and nervous about everything. From if my baby is developing normally to what kind of mom I will be. What was your biggest fear while you were pregnant?
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@acie_21 (5647)
• Philippines
26 Feb 10
hi there friend... im 22 years old now...and i got married earlier at 20.. i already have my first miscarriage ...the baby was three months in my stomach..it was terrifying and scary... knowing that its my first experienced in pregnancy.. after i got married two months i got pregnant already...we really didn't plan for that..cause i wasn't ready to have one..its because of pressure i have with the people around me ...i had anxiety attacks and i got trauma in having pregnancy again.. till now im wondering if i am ready to experience pregnancy again.. that i fear that i might loose a baby again.. and i was wondering when will i be ready to have one.. now when i see a baby i feel so happy and complete..is that mean that im ready to do this again???there's so many things kept running through my mind... my second fear..is will i be a responsible mother??will i raise my own child well?? still i had so many fears..but i must learn to control and be strong .. pregnancy is not that easy..but experienced is the most wonderful thing that all mother's has.. happy mylotting! cheers! take care!
• United States
6 Jan 10
One of my biggest fesr while i was pregnant was loosing my baby,i would stay up and think what kind of momi will be..i was afraid i wasent gonna be a goog enough mother to my baby...Dont be afraid im sure everything will go just fine with you and ur baby wish you the best
@surveygrrl (1271)
• United States
2 Jan 10
I think my biggest fear was that I was going to do something wrong and hurt them. Whether it be eat the wrong thing, fall, whatever. I was a wreck with my first. My second I had calmed down but still only ate tuna once a week, stayed away from soda as much as possible. With my third I didn't have a lot of time to think about anything and he turned out just fine. Actually weighed more than the other 2, I gained less, nurses like a pro, and is almost 8 months old now. Try to relax and everything will work out fine. Drink lots of water and get some exercise. It does help with labor and recovery. Good luck and Congrat's on your pregnancy!
@jesf1988 (202)
• United States
31 Dec 09
I was pregnant for the first time when i was 18, the second time when I was 20 and am now I am 21 and cannot even imagine life without my babies. But the first time I was pregnant I wasn't really worried about what type of mother I would be because I was so excited to be a mother and knew I would be aweosme at it! The thing that I was most worried about was where I would go into labor at and if I would be alone. I was afraid that I would be shopping all alone or driving and go into labor without anyone with me. Their dad was also afraid of this! All I can say about that is make sure you have a good cell phone and keep it charged up!!! Good Luck and Congrats on being a new mom, it will change your world and a year down the road you wont know what you did with all your freetime before your child was born.
@kaka135 (14115)
• Malaysia
28 Dec 09
My biggest fear when I was pregnant is losing my baby. There's nothing else I worried more than losing him. I was bleeding when I was 3 month pregnant, and I got really worried, though my husband told me to think positive. I have been thinking positively, as I know my emotion will affect my baby, but I couldn't stop worrying when I was bleeding. My doctor said it could be caused by I walked too much, and I needed to take more rest. I straight away went to my boss and asked if I could work from home. Luckily my boss understood the difficulty of being pregnant, and he let me work from home, otherwise I'd rather take unpaid leave till I deliver or I would quit. My baby is more important as compared to anything else. Luckily my baby was delivered safely and healthy. He is 10 months old now and he's really a lovely boy. Try not to be too nervous. It may be difficult for a first time mom, but it's really important to control your emotion and mind, always think positive, and it'll bring benefit to your baby. Enjoy your pregnancy, as I think it's a great experience, though sometimes it can be quite difficult and suffering.
@sacmom (14315)
• United States
28 Dec 09
One of my biggest fears when I was pregnant, at least the first time around, was giving birth. As I had never given birth before I was scared out of my mind when I was in labor (yeah, I know, at that point it was too late to do anything about it, but to go through with it LOL). Everything worked out in the end and I even went through the pregnancy thing all over again. I'm happy to say that I wasn't scared at all of giving birth the 2nd time around and I even let my husband sleep for a few more hours when the contractions first hit. LOL Anyway I'm sure you'll do just fine. Congratulations and good luck!
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
28 Dec 09
One of my biggest fears while pregnant was losing the baby. I was a little paranoid each time I couldn't feel her move for a while that she had stopped moving for good. I don't know what made me worry because no one in my family has a history of losing a baby but I guess it's just one of those first mom things. I also worried about being a good mom, but i've always had a knack with kids so i figured i'd be ok there.
• United States
27 Dec 09
Wanting to be a good mother to my baby. I was 24 and so not ready to be a mom. I was forced to grow up as well. Your going to do fine. Just love the baby and keep it safe. All the rest will fall into place. get some sleep when the baby is sleep. Forget about the laundry till you both wake up. Congrats to you. Happy New Year.