United States
December 28, 2009 7:17am CST
Have you ever had an Ideal to make something new like a new invention and then just totally forgot what is was? And if you had one would you trust putting a patent on it through some place?
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• India
3 Jan 10
Yes I had/have a goal to invent something and yake out a patent. No, I did not forget about it. In India the Patent laws are not very great, in that if you are working in a company and you take out a patent of some invention which is even remotely connected with the company's activity, the patent will have to be turned over to the company; your reward could be just some kind of one-time payment snd some meaningless pat-on-the-back kind of reward. That is not at all attractive. This would mean that I will have to wait till I retire from the services of the company and give some time and then try bringing out my ideas. The alternative is to patent it on my son's name as his work. This is one viable solution.