Symbian V/S Windows OS

December 28, 2009 8:51am CST
Can anybody tell me which OS is better, Symbian or Windows, I read on so many sites that windows OS crashes and many of them are saying that Symbian is far better than Windows. Can u suggest me? My requirement is I want to use my mobile as a computer, I want to edit word files, excel and other documents, sending mails, browsing, etc.., My mobile should be like a mini computer, I am very much confused whether to buy a windows OS mobile or Symbian OS mobile. If u know a better mobile which is good for all the above mentioned stuff please let me know the model and it's price and where can I buy it?
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@aeroomkar (192)
• India
28 Dec 09
hi, For your requirements its windows mobile you should go for.I am using windows mobile from last 3 years and there is no problem. You can do all those works in Symbian OS also but windows mobile is better. At present TOUCH series from HTC is better choice. You can buy these for around 10k to 15k
• Indonesia
8 Oct 10
windows mobile is the best most adaptable OS (operating system) its easy to use and customize and your contacts, calender, and files will never be lost. go with the smart phone 2003 or higher. ms6 might be liltle new so it might have gliches but smartphone is the best. The drawbacks of Windows Mobile 6 is that any device running it needs a fast processor, preferably one with a 400MHz or better clock speed (Such as the AT&T Tilt/HTC Kaiser). Also, It's known to suffer from memory leaks and there's a bit of a learning curve associated with the Windows Mobile platform. I suggest trying out a Symbian phone and then trying a Windows Mobile phone and seeing which one works best for you.
@rosekiss (30268)
• Eugene, Oregon
30 Dec 09
I don't even know what the Symbian OS is, so I would say Wimdws Mobile, if you wan tot do what a pt can. I did have a Windows Mobile flip phone, but I never had the data plan when I had it, so I never used it, but I know it would have been a nice OS. I upgraded to a touchscreen phone, and it doesn't have Windows Mobile, but I sure wish I did. I dohave the data plan, but I can't do a lot on the internet with it, as it doesn't have flash or java. That really limits me, and I am disappoin ted in that. I will just have to deal with it for now, as I just bought it is, so I have to wait awhile. I would certainly go for a Windows Mobile phone if you can afford it. Take care, and happy mylotting.