December 28, 2009 1:07pm CST
Hi, I consider applying for a job in Ireland through one company. Their web sait is www.rabotaveu.com. The job and the salary are good. But first I want to know if someone has used their services too?
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• Russian Federation
29 Dec 09
Hi Glenn, I`m applying for a job through this company. So far my experience with them is positive. They attended properly all my doubts and quiestions. Ijust got my work permit and I can`t wait to po for Ireland - I will work as office assistant in one company there. Training will be given and the salary will be big. I`m pleased with www.rabotaveu.com and I hope that you will land the job too!
• Philippines
3 Jan 10
Hi, I`m already working in Ireland thanks to the help of www.rabotaveu.com and I plan to bring my family too. The procedure wasn`t easy but rabotaveu guided and helped me a lot. The feedback from my employer took long time but all the waiting was worth. Now I`m back in my country just for the holidays, but life back in Ireland is better thats why I hope that with the help of that company my sister will come to work in Dublin too.
@DenverLC (1146)
• Philippines
4 Jan 10
Hi glenndrf, I don't have an experience applying in this company but I am interested too, I have a work now but I want a change in a foreign country. I visited the website you have provided in your post www.rabotaveu.com but I can not understand anything since it is writen not in English. I want to apply too if the jobs are open for all applicants not only from Ireland. Hope you can help me out with this.