do you like traveling?

@agaur7 (87)
December 29, 2009 3:10am CST
hiiiiiiiiiii myloters, do you enjoy in travel. well i do. i like traveling. my father is a government servent. so we had go to long travel in annually. i like traveling so much. now we have done marriege. my husband is also like traveling so much. i like long travel. do you like traveling
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@thebestmom (1105)
• Philippines
10 Jan 10
almost always than not, most people love to travel. we also love to travel as a family. explore new places, we sometimes even travel without destination. we just decide when we are already near. travelling also gives us new knowledges. about the places, about their climate, their culture. our kids also loves travelling. the act of it while we are together in the car is already a fun experience.
@giegrace (214)
• Philippines
31 Dec 09
yeah, I love travelling! I have this wanderlust that I hope I could satiate someday when I earn enough money to go to faraway places. As for now I'm content with exploring local scenic and tourist spots in my own country.
• Indonesia
31 Dec 09
Ouuyeah.. Im so love that.I really like going to new places.Traveling make my life - SO LIFE.. You know what I mean/:) Even till I've plan for my future, I hope I can be an entrepreneur with mobile condition. I live in van with have some commerce or arts thing that I created byself and I sale in everywhere I going to with around the world.. hmm.. it's possible? I just think that anything is possible.. caiyo!:)
@xiexie (42)
• China
31 Dec 09
Hello,my friend,i also like long-distance travel,i would have two one-year long-distance travel,because i have enough time to travel,i sometimes do in their own country long-distance travel will leave the country. I like Europe,because i like the building in those countries,where is also a beautiful landscape.
• Philippines
29 Dec 09
very very much! In fact, I will be in Japan soon :D
@maximax8 (28490)
• United Kingdom
29 Dec 09
Yes, I really love to travel. Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies. I have been to 50 different countries so far in my life. My favorite countries that I have been to are Sydney, Australia, New Zealand, Belize and the Seychelles. I enjoy spending time on palm fringed beaches. I like to see historical sites. I adore seeing native wildlife. I like to meet the local people and learn about the culture. I went to France when I was a child and then during my teenage years I explored Europe. At age 20 years old I traveled around the world. That trip of mine lasted just over ojne year.
@mjcookie (2274)
• Philippines
29 Dec 09
I love travelling. I love discovering places, and I love meeting new people. Travelling can indeed be a very rewarding experience. I want to take a picture of myself in famous landmarks all over the world. I also would love to taste their cuisine! The language as well interests me. I wanna learn different languages, especially European ones, particularly French. Or adopt a sexy English accent. The places that I would love to go to are UK (London), Hollywood, Africa (wildlife!), New Zealand, Switzerland, and France.
@iwrite (5042)
• Singapore
29 Dec 09
I love to travel, in fact I am creating a site that is about traveling and all.
@vycess (1590)
• Saudi Arabia
29 Dec 09
yes, I would like to travel many places. that is my dream to travel unique and beautiful places around the world. I hope I it will come true someday, when I have enough money to spend.