how do you maintain your pet?

December 29, 2009 4:35am CST
my pet is a dog.he is three months old.morning and evening i will give him two slice of bread.afternoon and night i will give food.i wont tie my pet he will roam freely around home.if i throw ball he will catch it and bring it to me.if he is interested in playing he will bark and pull my dress and will call me to play with i am training him to walk in two legs.i used to bath him once in a week.i used to take him to hospital once in a month.i love my pet a lot :). do you love your pet?how do you maintain your pet?
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• India
1 Jan 10
I've three pet dogs at my home my friend. I love my pets very much. At each stage of my life my pets had played a major role. My pet dog has saved my mom from a poisonous snake. The same pet helped us to escape the great Tsunami waves at 2004 my friend. And still they play a major role in my life my friend.
@jb78000 (15173)
29 Dec 09
it sounds like you are caring for your dog well, although i am not sure about so much bread. anyway i cannot have a dog, cat or rabbit because of the conditions of my lease (little animals in cages only) so i have two little pets (rats, but they are actually nice animals). they get as much ratfood as they want and treats every evening but these i have to limit so as they do not become fat. they are allowed to leave their cage when i am in the room but they rarely bother. although many people's first reaction when they discover what i have is to go 'ick' i am very fond of them too.