Raw Foods For Health

@teamrose (1499)
United States
December 29, 2009 10:06am CST
Have recently started eating raw foods for better health. Amazing how good one feels just by eliminating so many toxic foods from the diet. No more aches and pains. Blood pressure is now normal. Hoping I can continue eating like this most of the time.
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@veganbliss (3903)
• Adelaide, Australia
11 Jan 11
I've been vegan for over ten years now. I up'd my raw intake considerably about a year or so ago. I'm not sure how to measure it, but by duration I'm raw 90%+ of any given day, but by weight, probably about 70% or thereabouts. I'll have to take that up with RawBill1 when he gets back. Have noticed fewer (still!) health problems & more energy & awareness. Better fortune, better financially & in many other regards.
@RawBill1 (8542)
• Gold Coast, Australia
15 Jan 11
I am back! I ate a lot more cooked meals than usual while I was away and I certainly noticed the difference. There was actually no fresh produce in Jindabyne for a few days during our stay due to floods. We are in a similar situation here now as the Rocklea markets in Brisbane went under water. My wife is off to do the weekly shopping at the Miami organic markets here, but there will be a big shortage of produce there as we know for a fact that one of the larger stall holders lost all their crops in northern NSW. The markets organiser gets all his food from the Rocklea Markets, so he will have nothing. The Lockyer Valley between Ipswich and Toowoomba which was hit worst by the flash flooding was a big produce growing area for South East QLD as well. It is often referred to as "South East Queensland’s Salad Bowl"! Staying high raw vegan and organic is going to be a challenge for a few months and very expensive due to produce prices going through the roof. Time to get my garden going here again! Our friends with the raw cafe in Burleigh Heads had to go to woolies for coconuts. He filled a trolley with them and got some seriously strange looks from people he said!
@calai618 (1781)
• Philippines
29 Dec 09
I am not really so sure about this but I guess this will have something to do with what you have been used to eating. Personally, I feel sick when I eat raw vegetables. I know that sometimes it i just my mind set but I think something like this, reversing something you have been used to especially food, requires a lot of initiative and dedication. Without the urge to renew your eating habits, I guess the result will be reversed because your body will feel deprived and your mind resists the idea and the whole you is just "trying hard". I guess I can never live with this simply because it is not what I am used to and I have no urge to change my eating habits which is very much important to have a positive result
@marguicha (86058)
• Chile
8 Jan 10
You aere wrong, vaku. Our digestive track is made to absorb a lot of vitamins and minerals from raw veggies. It´s the fiber that we don´t absorb,but that is also good for our health. We are omnivorous, just like pigs. Take care!