What's the hottest topic in 2009?

@liuzhi (265)
December 29, 2009 10:11am CST
Hey,recently i had a exam.We got a composition and it requires us to write about what's the most eye-catching topic that happened in 2009?I wrote about the global warming.Some of you may say the economic crisis or..Anyway,What's your views?
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@sachii315 (489)
• Japan
30 Dec 09
Hi liuzhi! Yeah global warming is a great topic. It seems that everyone has been focusing on the economy without noticing the impacts of global warming. I also agree with sparksss, there were many calamities happened on 2009. This year I have experienced about 4 strong earthquakes here in my country. I think aside from the economic recession, Global warming and calamities are big issues. Happy mylotting!
@liuzhi (265)
• China
31 Dec 09
That's true.It seems like that as our society develop faster, more calamities are taking place.I also know that there are a lot of different degrees of earthquakes happening in your country every year.By the way,i have to prepare for my next exam-japanese~
• Philippines
2 Jan 10
awww scary!! 4 strong earthquakes in your country?? oh you're from japan! my friends wanted to work in japan but they their parents don't like because of earthquake almost everyday happen in your country