windows 7

@mnflower (1305)
United States
December 29, 2009 5:29pm CST
Hello everyone I have currently got windows 7 on one of my computers I just upgraded from xp and I was so shocked how easy it was to keep all your files and upload windows 7, that is so unusual usually you have to clean the entire computer off and start over but this was not the case. Do you use windows 7? What do you think of it? what do you dislike about it? Thanks am just wondering.
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• India
30 Dec 09
I never tried using of windows 7 till now i preferably using Windows Xp which gives me god processing and easy to understand and also support all the required software as well
@BarBaraPrz (18519)
• St. Catharines, Ontario
30 Dec 09
I don't use windows 7, but my cousin's hubby recently got it and says he likes it.
@yinmm007 (605)
• China
30 Dec 09
I use win7 ultimate now.It's convenient and beautiful.I love it.Only one disadvantage is that win7 also consume lots cpu and ram.Though it start more quickly than vista it still slower than xp.In my computer there are more than fifty processes during normal use.
@weasel81 (2502)
• Australia
30 Dec 09
i only just got a new lappie today, it's got windows 7 and so far i like it. was told it's a lot like vista but there are behind the sceens differances that make it different. i had one of the first vista computers that came out the other yr. once i got used to using it, it was fine i wouldn't be going back to vista.
@callarse1 (4794)
• United States
30 Dec 09
I use Windows XP and Windows Vista. I don't see the reason to buy an upgrade since I have took most of the BS off of XP and Vista. I'm pretty much satisified, but when I get a new laptop (mine is broken) it will probably have Windows 7 installed. I don't have nothing against it, but I don't feel as to spend more money on an upgrade of features that I don't care to have. . Why did you upgrade to Windows 7? Is there anything bad you don't like about it? Let us know. Thank you. Happy myLotting & rox on!