Any preparations for the coming New Year?

December 30, 2009 12:25am CST
I just started cleaning some old mess hiding from different corners of the house. Even throw those old stocks inside the drawer, gave some old clothes and slippers to friends and i still have a lot more to clean in preparation for the coming new year (just cant wait to mylot). I read an article with regards to having good lucks this year and it says there that clean, clean and clean to remove those negative energies stocked inside your home. its sounds good so id rather follow since somehow its for our good as well.(at least we're all feeling clean). i just cant put those decorations and other stuffs needed to clear out some bad spirits and everything hehehe. i just rely on HIM with all those bad spirits hehehe and besides im not really a good decorator compare to my wife. how bout you dear mylotters, any preparation you are doing for the coming new year? happy new year to all!
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