December 30, 2009 10:47pm CST
does loneliness make mad, its more in case of mine what about you ?
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@danitykane (3192)
• Philippines
31 Dec 09
hi jijotom, Maybe in a way it does makes us mad and I myself also experienced such thing too. But I hope it doesn't made you sad so often, it is still important to know the reason of feeling sad or lonely. Thinking of the things that we can do in order to make our selves happy are important too. All it takes is a strong heart and an open mind to cope up with situation as such. Cheer up and see the beautiful things around you. Happy Lotting!
@agv0419 (3029)
• Philippines
8 Jan 10
Yes sometimes it makes me mad but I overcome it. I entertaining myself with a lot of things so I would not be sad. I get used to it when I feel sad I listen to my favorite songs or watch movies to divert my attention.
@maria1081 (1252)
• Philippines
1 Jan 10
Loneliness doesn't make me mad, it makes me feel self-pity. I felt lonely when I was away from my family months ago, thanks to the internet I was able to cope up. And everytime that I'm lonely I talk to God and my burden is lessened, believe me.
• India
31 Dec 09
HI jijotom, ya its true loneliness makes us mad but don't be mine and enjoy in loneliness.well welcome to mylot and HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance.
@Hazelrose (2185)
• Philippines
31 Dec 09
Hi jijotom1983,Cheer up,don't be lonely because you deserve to be happy.specially now that another new year of our life is coming.Forget every thing that was not good for you.Just think positive and be happy, so that every thing will be okay.Happy new year! and Welcome to mylot!