Anybody liked this decade, the 2000s?

United States
December 31, 2009 1:48am CST
I am aware that many people enjoyed the 1970s, America's last turbulent decade. But I still feel you would be insane to like the 2000s. We went through wars, culture wars, and economic decline. And biggest of all, a loss of confidence as we acknowledge the challenges get even tougher. If people liked the 2000s, the likely reason would be the trends we witnessed. But are these serious upgrades in our lives? Reality shows have been a greater deception than pro wrestling ever was. Maybe I'm a geezer, but I miss the days when MTV showed music videos. Now, it's difficult for me to tell who sings what songs on the radio. Why doesn't MTV change its name? Blogs were a new way of Internet discussion. Well, I prefer the regular message board format where there's a more of a focus on a topic and less attention on the author. Texting became a new feature on cell phones. I've heard somewhere that it's expensive. Cell phones overall grew tremendously in popularity. Does it hurt to see someone face-to-face? Facebook was the destination if you wanted people to know about you online. Whatever happened to "build your own"? And really, Twitter is that special? Sorry, but chatting and instant messaging have been around for longer and they usually permit more words per post. Lastly, one trend that hasn't been discussed much is the craze to decorate many parts of your body. Tattooing has been around, but it went another level this decade. Studies have shown that people with many tattooes have attachment issues. To me, even the culture was bad news.
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@lelin1123 (15645)
• Puerto Rico
31 Dec 09
For sure the 2000s decade was the worst for me. The only thing good about the 2000s was my granddaughter being born. The best decade for me would have to be the 90's.
• United States
31 Dec 09
My favorite was the '80s when I was just getting to know the world around me, which looked to me fine back then. And it still feels that way now.
@cream97 (29167)
• United States
1 Jan 10
Hi, BigCat71. As much as I hate to say. I am all for the 1980s. I liked this decade so much better. People knew how to enjoy themselves and have fun. Now, people fight too much. There is so much of crime and violence. I would rather live again in the 1980s. I was a young child during this period. The 2000 decade has its strong points. But, I prefer the 1980s.