Is there anything that you didn't deserved and you got it?

@nar8988 (409)
December 31, 2009 3:26am CST
I will say that most of us say that we have recieved what we deserved but what if exactly opposite situation,can you tell it,most of us will find it difficult ,but as far as me concerned I definitely have a that thing which I didn't desrved,I got really good marks in a subject in my exams,as I had predicted really as if I would just be able to get passing marks.
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@lahari (133)
• India
2 Jan 10
Its the question that made me pause for a while,I took my hands off the keyboard and thought that this can't be true that everything that I have received in my life I definitely deserved there ought to be certain things, at least something which I got but didn't deserve. Well in a 18 year long(and still counting..) educational career I definitely have got some good marks which I didn't expect that I will get and I can frankly admit that. Apart from it and more importantly I have the most wonderful and loving parents in the world, I don't know what I have done in my previous life to deserve them but they definitely deserve the best daughter. So from now on,I'll try to achieve that!