Involved With Something That Makes You Feel Childish???

United States
December 31, 2009 4:14am CST
There is normally something that all of us do that makes us seem just a bit childish. This is normally something we refuse to tell anyone about. And I'm here to blurt out mine, so perhaps we should all share because the internet is really private in a way even if you share more intimate details because its quite highly none of you will run into me in real life. So my thing is a site called Neopets. I joined this site back when I was 11 and have quit and come back a TON of times. It's a place where there are hundreds of games you can play and its like a virtual world. There are a ton of people to talk to about a ton of things and I've made some really great friends there. And 9 years later I still happen to be on there. But if you're interested in trying it out I have a banner on my profile. So what are your childish behaviors?
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@kori8274 (201)
• Mexico
30 Jul 10
I joined Neopets when I was 9, a friend of mine showed me the page and I thought it was funny. Right now I´m a teenager and even like that I´m still entering to that page sometimes. I don´t pay so much attention to that site, just when I don´t have anything to do, but I still like to play there like when I was a child.
@MsTickle (24993)
• Australia
26 Apr 10
I'm in my late fifties and I've been a member at Neopets for around 8 years. If you open your eyes you will notice that most of the members are adults. It's a fabulous site and I'm happy playing there...the only problem I have is that it is soooo addictive.
• India
7 Jan 10
i am still hooked on to cartoons.i would prefer them anytime over sci-fi moviesmuch to the astonishment of my close friends who feel its childish. another thing ,i am scared of darkness as i used to be in my childhood .i could not grow out of it.
@bhav27 (443)
• India
1 Jan 10
your age never matters , if you are sourrounded by kids then your childish behaviour will automatically come up , with kids we are also kids and we actually like it as being a kid is always a good thing because no tension and no worries , you ust care about urself at that time , being a kid is fantastic , i know whever i am with my neighbours kid i act like a child then i completely forget that i am no more a kid and then i really regret that my childhood is now gone. i want to be a child again
@Genericbe (1378)
• Philippines
31 Dec 09
I have many childish behaviors but still I manage to maintain the adolescent person for myself. These acts of mine are seen by my loved ones and all they can do is to laugh about it and make them cheer for sometime. I really do not know that I was childish until I was told so and realized that I was. Being childish is something we really cannot admit in ourselves but I accepted it for myself. Wel,, what can I say if I am that of a kind. I am a person still and that is me.