Have you ever been involved in or witnessed a traffic accident? What happened?

@tawny_24 (351)
United States
December 31, 2009 11:25am CST
I have seen and been involved in my fair share of traffic accidents. The worst one happened on a virtually empty street. A woman who wasn't familiar with the city was driving over fifty miles over the speed limit with her teenaged daughter in the pasager seat, running red lights in succession. As my light turned green she put her car right in front of mine. We collided and ended up on opposite corners of the intersection. She said she was looking for the hospital. The hospital she wanted was two blocks west of where we collided. And the worst part was that the building is four stories high with a giant glowing sign that says Childrens Hospital. It is part of the skyline. So if she had slowed down and opened her eyes and used them to look to the left she wouldn't have cause such a horrible accident. I hit the pasenger side of her vehichle. My custom Buic LeSaber Limited was totaled. I talked to an insurance agent who ran her social security number and found out that this woman has amassed over ten moving violations and should not have been liscensed or insured. I got a measly 1000 dollars for a car that was practically new. It had been my grandmother's and she never drove it. When I inherited it from her estate it has less than thirty thousand miles on it and it was over ten years old.
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@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
31 Dec 09
about 20 odd years ago i was crossing the street with the light and some jerk ran into to me. i flew off the hood of the car and landed on my knees. i was ok after that, just shaken up but now, after wear and tear on my knees, i have to walk with a cane.
@tawny_24 (351)
• United States
31 Dec 09
I have known three people in my life who have been struck by moving vehichles. One girl in highschool totaly had it coming, she was a mean person who thought she was all that even though the trendy preppy kids hated her she always crashed parties and was a complete wannabe. I heard rumors that she was struck on purpose, it happened in the student parking lot. The second was a special ed student who was hit while crossing the street seniour year. The third was a guy I worked with who came to the job the following morning after it happened and told me how it happened. He was drunk and chasing after his girlfriend who was still in the bar, but he was too far gone to know what was real. He ended up being struck in the parkinglot by his brother who was also drunk behing the wheel.