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January 1, 2010 3:25am CST
I feel where I am at there is no sense of security in it for me that if some thing were to happen I being many miles away from family and friends that I could end up homeless at any given moment, I have made Sacrifices by coming here giving up a job I dearly loved my mobil home where i had a very good landlord I am happy with a few things but just not completely happy all my life I have Sacrifice my own happiness to make thoose around me happy I am getting older I need to feel complete and secured.your opinions matter
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• India
20 Jan 10
Hello my friend imgrandma12 Ji, Please read following and strenthen yourself by doing at least one. I am sure you need something to fight the society as a whole :- SATSANG (a) ”If you can balance /stable your mind, when people around you are in un-balanced , and at the same time blaming you”. (NO-reaction) (b) “If you have belief on yourself, when others have doubt and at the same time, you strongly oppose their belief of their doubt” (c) “If you can wait for Good/Bright days without loosing patience/getting disheartened of waiting”. (d) “Everyone around you is deceiving you , whereas you are not in any way.” (e) “ Every body hates you and you do not, at the same time, you ARE not proud to be ‘good’ and ‘wise’. (f) “ If you Can dream, but do not allow them to overpower you, and you Can ‘think’ but at the same time, do not plunge into dreams of ‘thinking”. (g) “If you can welcome ‘gains’ and ‘defeat’ OR ‘profit’ & ‘loss’ with open hearts and they do not unbalance your mind”. (h) “If you can accept your own words in twisted/mutilated /distorted form, happily by ‘fools’ and they do not involve you in their bad plans”. (i)“ If you Can bear/tolerate the ‘gains’ accomplished by you ‘raise to ashes’ , for which you took whole life to build, and at the same time you can once again order your tired hands to restart making”. (J) “ If you can take one chance to reduce your gains in your life, ‘loose’ or ‘gain’ (like a great gambler) (k)“If you can, after loosing every bit in your life, get ready fresh to obtain the same with total energy from all corners of your body and mind, without uttering a single word even”. (l)“ If you Can compel your heart, mind and limbs, when they are so tired and refuse to accept any thing, except that your ‘belief’ and ‘desire’ to order them that they have to march forward and not falling back”. (m) “ If you can roam in crowds, but do not allow your ‘thoughts’ and ’abilities’ to wander stray, and you live with emperor, but do not neglect common man “. (n) “ If you are unharmed by people loving you and people hating you”. (o)“ If you Can respect everybody within the limits, but at the same time nobody”. (p)“ IF YOU CAN REMEMBER THE UN-EXCUSED MOMENT/SECOND (time) OF YOUR LIFE, AND EXPLAIN THE REASON FOR THE SAME”. Then, the whole world belongs to you only and every thing that exists on this, at the same time you fall under the category of ‘ACTUAL HUMAN BEING ’, which is greatest achievement in the life than any thing else”. May God bless You and have a great time.
• India
22 Jan 10
Hello my friend imgrandma12 Ji, So nice of you for your positive and favourable comments in form of BR. Please follow at least one out of above to fight yourself as a common person and I am sure peace will kiss You. May God bless You and have a great time.
@JenInTN (27565)
• United States
2 Jan 10
I'm thinking that your family although far away wouldn't let that happen to you. Why have you moved away?
• United States
2 Jan 10
my family would not want that happen they are in situation if it were to happen the could not prevent it lack of money my problem is getting engouh money now to move back home i make just engouh to feed my pets and pay bills my car insurance here in this state is so high really sucks
@celticeagle (118615)
• Boise, Idaho
2 Jan 10
I think there are a lot of good hearted people who are doing just what you are. And you have to make a chose. Either you want to be healthy and happy or you want to be stressed and feel used. That is pretty cut and dry but I am sure you get my gest. I am just saying that if you make decisions that are good for you then you will be happier. Doing for others is a good thing but you have to think of yourself too. And at the end of the day who is you answer to but yourself.
@srganesh (6349)
• India
1 Jan 10
Oh!At the age of 58,you still have to sacrifice your life for the sake of others.That is really sad to learn.If you can be happy to serve them,then it is no problem.But if you regret what you are doing,you can't enjoy your being.Stop worrying,make some good friends around and try to avoid being alone.Read some hilarious novels and that will make you alive.feel at home where you are.You have no other go.Cheer up and challenge your life!