Man's best freind can only be a woman.

January 1, 2010 11:36pm CST
I do not know how true it is but i do believe that a man's best can friend only be a woman.Its not like that only a woman gonna be his true and best friend at every stage of life but when it comes to rest of life.That is why they are made for each other.Every man in his life come across a woman or vice versa.But for this a very high level of trust and understanding is required which comes over with time.And this is how true love exists.Some may not believe that its true but hey ask them couples why they promise for togetherness to each other for rest of their lives.And what I really appreciate is that a woman can be your best friend when she's with you in outside world and the hottest chick for you in your inside world:)
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@tawny_24 (351)
• United States
6 Jan 10
Okay so I'm American and I'm female and in this country men don't think about women this way. I have never heard any man say anything other than that women are the enemy. Marriage doesn't last, love isn't real and there is no point to being monogamous or commited to a woman. Even if two people do meet and get married it probably won't work out because of money or bad in-laws, or infidelity.
• India
7 Jan 10
Sad to hear that.but i dont think its true.I mean may be most of cases are like that but there those too who are living happily and a long term relationship.If I take case of my own cousin who went to USA six years and fall in love with a white woman and they got married and i guess its been more than years of them living together.And as you know many folks from Americas come to visit India and I have some friends too and met with their families and their children and I never felt like you are telling.But you are true too no doubt about it.But hey together we can change them but first we need to change ourselves. And a matter of fact India is adopting western or american culture very fast so what's happening there is going affect our culture too and very badly. And you won't believe that white women or men who come here have started adopting Indian culture specifically their dressing sense.And I really love seeing white woman in an Indian suit:)
• India
2 Jan 10
It is not so because a woman friend can help both physically and mently only certain time. As and when she get married she is bounded by their husbands family.,which will affect hewr friendship to help. Moreover when the man is in a crtical condition and he needs help during late night, it it not possible for any woman to help physically.So the logic cannot be accepted/
• India
2 Jan 10
Sir its not like woman is made to help a man both physically or mentally its about what level of understanding you have with her.A woman in present world is not bounded to one's family it totally depends upon on her how she wants to either by taking all family responsibilities what so ever is on her part or share with his husband like a true friend. People who think like women are made to help men physically they might have some ego problem as far as i believe.Its about you how you want your woman to be with you like a friend or.....