holiday romp

January 2, 2010 4:23am CST
holiday parties here and there and everywhere! yeah, like everyone else, we had our round of holiday parties here and there. every one of them is happy, fun, and filled with lots of gastronomic goodies. But they were also very tiring as we had to lug around our baby and all her stuff. holidays were fun, but i am now happy that it is over. and well, we had great times with family and old friends who came home. first stop was the homecoming of my brother who works in a different city and so my family and i slept over for 5 nights at my parents's house so that we can spend time with them. next are the relatives on my husband's side. Well, we all had fun, my baby got lots of gifts and we are very happy. i thank God for all the blessings He had showered upon us this past year. life had been a roller coaster ride, but i pray for a better year this 2010. happy new year to you all!
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@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
2 Jan 10
I'm glad you had an eventful holiday season. The holidays come and go and before you know they are back. I don't know, but its almost like the years fly by. At least for me they do. Mine were rather uneventful. Slept through new years preaty much. And I'm tired, but awake at the same time which I find simply anoying. but eh... life's the breaks I guess.
• China
2 Jan 10
Yeah,holiday has already gone.Whenever we have holidays,we may be happy at first and get a little tired at last or very tired.Nobody except I think.But as for me,I'm a student in China.Now we are having the New Year Holiday(three days).It is known that Chinese people is not so outgoing as other people in other countries.We studengs have lots of homework to do.So in my opinion,I get tired from the begining of the holiday.