can anyone say what is the meaning of life?

January 2, 2010 3:37pm CST
hi friends, i wants the meaning of life,many people thinks that life means only enjoyment and they don't wants any pains in their life why they don't realize that life means the combination of happiness and pains then only it was the life,some people thinks that if they gets any seveire problems they are ready to make suicide but why don't they dare to overcome the problem is suicide was the solution to solve the problem,and i want to know what you thinks a life means,so please answer to me.
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• Philippines
26 Apr 10
I think no one can say nor answered what is the meaning of life. Because its more that from what we are all known about life.
• China
26 Jan 10
if you are truly an atheist you believe there is no God, no creator so you must believe that we all evolved, survival of the fittest, natrual selection right? well if thats the case just go pick up a Satanic bible, live for now get all you can because you are ony here a short time and die.the Satanic bible is not religion although they say it is, its just one mans philosophy of life, and to put down everything about any religion (mostly Christianity) but if somewhere in your mind your think something made you and all that you can see then you need to find out what is.
• Philippines
5 Jan 10
According to the Holy Scriptures as found in Romans 1:18-25 and Hebrews 13:21, mans ultimate purpose is to bring glory and honor to God. This means that we people should live in a way that God is glorified. We should not do things out of a motive of becoming a famous person. Our focus should be the applause of God and not of the people. If we are doing things to get applause from men, then we are not glorifying God. We must see to it that God is honored in everything we are doing. For example, if i know how to sing, the honor should not belong to me. The audience should praise you but it should be God. The audience because of your performance must say, " Indeed, God is great and genius for creating such a man with a beautiful voice." If people will appreciate you because of your good voice, you must not say, its because of my hardwork, its because i am really good." Our answer to audience must be, " Oh yes, and it is because of my God. He was the one who created me, so glory and honor belongs to Him alone." I hope you were able to understand what it means to honor and glorify God. You are free to reply to this.
• Indonesia
2 Jan 10
The meaning of life? Live for every breath.... I think... I don't realy know. I hate being alive, and yet...I dare not to take my own life. I want to see it until the end. And then...I Will show the God how much I hate Him/Her...I hope I will get a good explainations then about why I must born and why I have to die.
@kashers (649)
• Jamaica
2 Jan 10
life that all is given to live is a learning experience for all,for some life is pain,for some it is joy,for some it is suffering,for some it is complaning,for some it is wondering,for some it is just for living and learning,for me it is suffering,pain,and sacrifices,the joy of it comes when i live in the truth of life and what it is for me,what is it for