United States
January 2, 2010 9:03pm CST
Hello everyone, I am a new member of Twitter, finally caved and checked it out...and I can't figure something out!! How do i leave a tweet on someone's profile?? What if I want someone who isn't a follower to see a message?? Thanks!
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• Philippines
3 Jan 10
If you want to reply on a tweet or send them a public tweet all you have to do is type @username (username stand for the person's username) on the "what's happening area." putting it on the beginning of a tweet means that it's a reply to someone, if they are your followers to, it will appear in their wall(?) if not, they can check their mentions page.
@goddey1 (129)
• United States
3 Jan 10
Workinggene, i dont really get it. Am also a newbie. Its a complicated site unlike facebook. Please can you shade more light on sending tweets, following, to be followed and others. Thanks
@Oskar28 (33)
• Philippines
6 Jan 10
That's right just put @ before their username and that's it. I advise you to try other twitter functions like retweet and reply. twitter is easier than facebook you need to familiarize your self and I assure you that you will enjoy it. Twitter is a friendly user social site. Goodluck!..