Women, Why Dont You Trust Us When We Say You Look Fine?

January 3, 2010 6:12am CST
What is it with women asking for our opinion and not listening at all? Finding something to wear for you is like looking for a needle in a haystack. No, you don't look fat. Yes, you look good in that shirt. Sure, those pants looks good with your shoes. If we guys say that you look fine, it means that you look fine. It's like you wouldn't take yes for an answer. We wouldn't be going out with you if we see you wearing something ridiculous.
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@Genericbe (1378)
• Philippines
3 Jan 10
I guess that is because women do have many things to wear and suit their taste. That if being asked by men, they are not yet satisfied with the way they responded. For women do really wanted to look at most great for them and in others eye. Men do speak very less and in explanations. They are contented by answering a question in a brief manner and need not to elaborate more. Unlike in women, Many justification and convincing strategies must be made for her to believe in any.
@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
3 Jan 10
now this is a good discussion. my wife does that too. when i say that she looks good, she will change her clothes. when she ask do i look fat... nad i said no she will say ARE YOU SURE? the problem is i am not into fashion so i wear anything i find in my closet that is confortable. my wife is a little fashionable so there are times that i dont understand why she has to change and change and why she always complains that she has nothing to wear
@rose66 (380)
• China
3 Jan 10
i trust that if a guy say my clothing looks good! for i am confident to my own eyesight. i can choose the best clothing i thought so if the guys say i look fine i'll be happy; if they say i look bad i won't care about that. cause it's the best if i am satisfired. i am a little different with what you described