What is your most hated chore?

@reco13 (605)
January 4, 2010 3:00am CST
I can do almost any chores but for me, I hate mopping the floor the most. I easily get tired of this task and I think I won't do this for long. How about you?
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@cyberfluf (5005)
• Netherlands
10 Jan 10
The chore I dislike most is doing the dishes. My parents had a dishwasher so I wasn't used to spending time on the dishes. Doing the dishes itsself is not so bad, but I really dislike the fact that you are 'waisting' time on them. It's a chore that can be done by a machine, so that I have more time for other chores or for my college homework. Therefore I dislike dishwashing the most.
@coldmoon (1092)
• France
4 Jan 10
I hate any chore which concerns cleaning such as washing dishes, cleaning the floor, cleaning the bathroom,....In fact I don't to touch the dirty stuff.
@megamatt (14326)
• United States
4 Jan 10
The bathroom, just the bathroom period. It never stays clean. Whenever it is cleaned, it always gets messed up. Its a vicious cycle, where I can never get ahead but not cleaning is out of the question.
• Indonesia
4 Jan 10
I enjoy doing chores but not for ironing clothes. I can't stand it b'coz it makes me sweaty. It's so warm in front of iron for long time. I would rather doing another chore than ironing. However i have to do this at least for my own clothes.
@allknowing (75276)
• India
4 Jan 10
I have always had help around and so any chore is a bore but I do have my reserves which come in handy when help is not around and at that time I do what needs to be done boring or not.
@DCLehnsherr (1041)
4 Jan 10
Hi Reco, My most hated chore is probably the dusting which I seem to try and avoid if at all possible. It is meant to be the first of all the chores I do and yet it is either done last or completely forgotten unless there is something on TV at the same time so I can pretend I am not really dusting after all lol. I can definitely imagine my house, when I get it, will be caked in dust while the dusters remain pristine, except on a blue moon when I might make an exception to the rules and actually dust something, just to prove I am making an effort lol All the best, Dranz
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
4 Jan 10
I simply hate to clean in general. Quite often I'll let things go. Which anoys George because we have the constant ongoing argument over who is or isn't allowed to clean. Yet, he doesn't sit around do anything which is all he does when he's home. I have to constantly get on him to go grocery shopping. Which is something he doesn't want to do since he didn't get that big a paycheck for the last two weeks. He put it off and put it off, he gets paid again next monday, but.... yeah... getting him to do anything is interesting.
@nijolechu (1845)
• Canada
4 Jan 10
I guess the most hated chore for me would have to be mopping the floors. It really is very demanding and back breaking labor to do. Sometimes I think the floor isn't really all that clean afterwards and I am just spreading it around.
• Singapore
4 Jan 10
I'm a lazy and hate to do all of the housework except ironing clothes.
@daliaj (5688)
• India
4 Jan 10
I am fine with doing most of the works at home. I never did any work when I stayed with my parents. Always there were servants or my Mom to do the work. Now, I am staying with my husband and we don't have any servants. It is difficult to find servants and it is also expensive to keep servant. So, we are forced to share the house work. I hate to clean bathroom. I love to cook and I am perfectly fine doing laundry. My husband hates to iron clothes. So, it is my job to iron at home. I am fine with that work, but I hate to sweep and mop. My husband is a good cleaner. He always make sure that the house is clean compared to me. So, I am happy that he does most of the cleaning. Also, he is proud to show me how well he cleaned once he is done with it.
• Philippines
4 Jan 10
that has to be cleaning the bathroom then next would be doing the laundry because it's manual so no washing machine.
@lelin1123 (15643)
• Puerto Rico
4 Jan 10
I totally agree with you mopping the floors is hard work. Everytime I mop I say to myself what am I going to do when I'm in my 60's if I'm feeling this way already. It takes alot out of me to mop. It just breaks my back and takes the breath out of me. You would think by this time they would have come up with a better way to mop a floor. I have to put some thought into this.
@JDLofton (52)
• United States
4 Jan 10
The chore I hate the most is dusting all the fans. I think the other chores are easier to do. No, it is not a hard chore but I dislike it because of the up and down and all.