What will u do when u have only $1 on your pocket

November 15, 2006 4:48am CST
Tell me waht wil you do and what do you expect from only $1 will you donated, throw it away, invested or try to find out what
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@pikunpol (500)
• Indonesia
15 Nov 06
• Indonesia
16 Nov 06
Try to invested in this one http://www.egoldearning.blogspot.com
@wuw1w1 (224)
• Indonesia
27 Nov 06
i'll try to invest first, if it more than 1 dollars after 3months, so you can put in 1 dollars to invest, 1 dollars to chairity, and 1 dollars , give it to me,..buakkakakak
@lantaidua (280)
• Japan
22 Nov 06
errrmmm... buy a cup of ice cream?
@jay80son (2048)
• Italy
15 Nov 06
I bet on colour black of roulette after some red appear... if I win i bet 1$ on red after some five black appear if I lose I bet 2$ if I lose again then i think that i lose only 1$ If I win I say! ALE!!!and so on ... http://www.casino-break.com
@gxgtrans (15)
• Romania
15 Nov 06
I walked whith my feet.