Unusual Eating Habits

January 4, 2010 2:08pm CST
My wife has this unusual habit of putting vinegar in everything she eats. It doesn't matter what kind of dish it is, she loves her vinegar. I hate it when she does that.. especially when she insists that I take a taste. What she finds unusual about me is that I like dipping bread in coca cola. I know its weird but I've been doing it since I was a kid. What unusual eating habits do you have?
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@TAZNEM (656)
• Philippines
26 Feb 10
you have unusual habits hmm let see what i have. i like dipping my finger on a jar full of peanut butter an lick them off think that weird right i mean i can use spoon but i like using my hands instead.
@azlin_04 (112)
• Malaysia
5 Jan 10
Hi nocturn98.. i thought i the only weird in the family..it turns out i have many friends out there!! i like to eat rice with twisties or other crips or biscuits since i was a kid..and my half is so suprise when knowing my habit ..hehehehehee.. now my son is folowing my habit if there's no other dishes he likes to eat together with his rice...
@thewayis (648)
• Bulgaria
4 Jan 10
I like to put cheese in almost everything I eat - in almost every homemade dish and I even eat chese with some fruits. It is really tasty - you should try sometimes Really?!? Bread with coca-cola? WoW. that is unusual. My father likes to dip his bread in a dessert cream and I thought that that was odd :)
• United States
4 Jan 10
I don't know that I have any real weird eating habits. I do like to drink pickle juice. My nephew and I always pour left over pickle juice into two cups, toast and then drink it down! Now, that's some good stuff!!!I have eaten pickle juice on lettuce before. Actually that was one of my favorite snacks at one time!
• United States
4 Jan 10
I love white bread dipped into my koolaid. I love chocolate frosting spread on white bread.. It tastes like cake to me. I like eating olives straight out of the jar.