Human Potential

United States
January 4, 2010 2:47pm CST
Human potential is something that is widely discussed in the world of science and human anatomy. An interresting topic but also a little controvercial because of the fact that it can lead to what some would call fantasy. Scientists say that we use merely 10 percent of our brain. My question is this: What possibilities could come of us being able to use 100 percent of our brain capacity? Some people theorize that we would have enhanced senses and memory. Others would say that we would be able to use our mind for such abilities as telekinesis or telepathy. There are phenomena all over the world of people being able to move objects with their mind, or search anothers thoughts. Perhaps the human body isn't as simple as we thought. Maybe things we consider sci-fi aren't fiction at all. I'm interrested to know what people think about this topic.
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@brekeley (18)
• China
6 Jan 10
I really deem that our body is a very very mysterious thing! Any unimaginative things can happen on our body and also many interesting and unimaginative things had happened. I'm interested in biology.On the college,i want to study it,but regrettably i choose the automation at last,but many science and nature magazines about human potential i must read. Human potential is a real science and we have a long way to go to understand it! What do you think of it?
@Allie_xoxo (1064)
• Canada
4 Jan 10
There are few things in this world that we as humans understand fully and know everything about. Why would the function of our own minds and the extent of our own abilities be any different.