Making Money Online

January 4, 2010 5:32pm CST
I hate when I want to play an online game which requires you to pay for added bonuses but my parents say no. The first time they said this, I decided to make the money online via Paypal but that didn't go so well. In 2 months I had a total of $0.36 and I was nowhere near my goal of $20. What I especially hate is that there are so many PTC websites out there but some of them are good for nothing! You spend 30 seconds watching your screen load, so that website can add $0.1 to your paycheck! I find all of those a waste of time. I found another website which guarunteed $125 just for signing up and I did not believe it at all. I tried to sign up but found out it was too difficult and there was no way I could complete it. I gave up half way through and I think that they website is still fake!
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@anklesmash (1416)
4 Jan 10
you wont earn loads and loads on my lot but you wile earn more than $0.36 in 2 months
• Canada
4 Jan 10
I hope so but I think that I was just horrible at using those other websites and it was my "talent" that allowed me to get #0.36....
5 Jan 10
oh you should make more especially if you do tasks.On sunday i did some posts and tasks and made $0.43