life imitating art???!!!

@udayrao2 (782)
January 5, 2010 12:56am CST
This morning when I started with the newspapers - here in Mumbai - all papers on their front pages had similar news- mainly suicides or ragging committed by youngsters,teenagers and college students; and all papers hinted that could be the result of watching films and the effect of these films on people - especially the younger generation. And if one notices as days and years pass by this has been on a rapid increase- and every caring adult must be having similar thoughts - so can we not do something about this? And almost everyone thinks on similar lines - earlier it was a better and safer world than the present!!And in many countries what started as fun or a time-pass has resulted in one's own death or that of others - could be a result of alcohol, under-age or rash or under-alcohol/drugs driving, guns, drugs etc etc. So I feel that everyone (including myself) should do something about this, not only the parents/elders but even those in the government, authorities or social groups - maybe in the form of strict control at alcohol, drugs, arms, tobacco shops etc. or even control of content in films,TV episodes, magazines etc. as I am sure that though this looks very difficult there is always a beginning to reform.
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