Sleeping On The Bus

January 5, 2010 12:56am CST
I often sleep on the bus. Sometimes the journey is just too long and I tend to get sleepy inside a moving vehicle. But I have this uncanny ability to always wake up at the exact moment, about 5 minutes before my destination. Enough time to fix my things, wipe the drool from my mouth, and get ready to get off. I don't know if its ESP, telepathy, coincidence, divine intervention.. I never miss my stop.
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@coldmoon (1092)
• France
5 Jan 10
I don't sleep on bus as well as at any public place. There're some bad guys around here and I have to pay attention when I'm alone. However, if I'm on car with my friends, I can take a little snap.
@lahari (133)
• India
5 Jan 10
I have seen people like you nocturn98 in buses and trains who seem to be enjoying a peaceful deep slumber but as soon as their destination appears on the horizon as if by some magic wand they wake up! This is really strange and I could never find an explanation for it! But I am not one of these lucky people and can't at all sleep in a bus no matter how long the journey is,no matter how tired I am,I can't sleep!
@cianoy (513)
• Philippines
5 Jan 10
Hey, that used to happen to me too! I used to take the train to and from work. I would wake up not 5 minutes before the destination, but around 15 seconds before I get there. I don't usually wipe drool anyway so I have enough time. ;-) Weird isn't it? It's as if my body memorized the humps on the road or the sound of the area. Good to know there's someone else with that situation.