Most cases are won on money power. Don't you agree?

January 5, 2010 3:32am CST
I think the poor are the worst to suffer, even when they are right, the government proves him the culprit. rich people know that it would not be difficult to make the truth fade with money power. I have seen many cases where I know that who is innocent and who is the culprit, but the case just goes in the favour of the wrong people just becoz they are rich enough to buy lawyers even of the other party.
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• Philippines
6 Jan 10
Yes I do agree. If you don't have money those who are processing your papers will no longer proceed, especially when it is from the government. Our case in our house have been for 23 years now and because we do not give under the table charge we are still on the hearing and will might lose the case , there is a possibility. Our enemy have money and I guess if we are not always on the eye on the process, we will just be shock one day that we lose already. in what I don't understand why lawyers when they are be asked to help with a certain case why is that they will not move and help them without money. they are just up to money. Even the government employee like on National Housing Authority, why is that they are always slow to act, but when the money is shown on them they can finish it on one day. Why don't just to their jobs? I know not all of them are the same, but why can't they just do their jobs without showing them a money? This is what we called unfair life.
@eshaan (6193)
• India
5 Jan 10
yes friend..this is unfortunately and definitely true case in India...all are running after money..and so the lawyers and magistrate are all for sale...poor can't even think to get justice...they will have to lose all that they have saved and still they will not get they remain silent.
@DenverLC (1146)
• Philippines
5 Jan 10
Pardon me but I beg to disagree. You are speaking not genereally I supposed. Cases in courts are being tried through many process until the final judgment or decision. The life of any case depends on the evidence introduced by both parties, and how the party would deal in a cooperative or negligent manner with his lawyer. There are many reasons why cases will not prosper despite being transparently strong, it is unfair to pinpoint that it is the fault of the government or the lawyer alone because sometimes clients do not do their part for their own case to win, or simply there is a lack of evidence to convict an accused.Remember always that in cases of doubt, it shall be resolved always in favor of the accused. the principle behind is to protect us from malicious prosecution. Lawyers are not being bought also as you said, they are hired only for a certain duration in a specific case. You may buy your witnesses to stand in your favor but not a lawyer because lawyers work only based on the available writen documents or oral testimonies from the witnesses.
@bing28 (3798)
• Philippines
5 Jan 10
The moneyed people can do and afford everything but still they can't buy the real truth.