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January 5, 2010 6:36pm CST
Anyone notice how the singles chart has changed in recent years? A few years ago when you had to leave the house to get your CD single, there used to be a new entry at number one almost every week and then 3 weeks later you had forgotten about that song. Now there are songs lingering around for months, tracks that have been used in an advert or had press coverage for some reason just popping back into the top 40. You think this is a good thing or bad? I think it is good for the songs that enter the chart on their own merit, for example, Jay Z and Alicia Keys track was at number 2 in the UK when his album was released and not when the single was officially released.
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• Indonesia
7 Jan 10
I think as result of the technology, there is less and less albums sold, people prefer to download singles from their computer and not buying the whole album. Physical sales decreased more and more this era. Sometimes even if the song has not released as a single, it popped up in the top40 charts simply because many people downloaded that single and then goes out from the chart and sometimes return back to the chart few months later cause it just released as a brand new single. For Jay case, many artist released their single before the album released to attract people buying their album, so people got a little preview on what they are buying. It happened since decades ago and I think it's fair for the artist.
@thezone (9451)
• Ireland
6 Jan 10
Hi TheRantingTruck, I do not pay much attention to the top forty anymore, let alone the top ten as most of it these days is just rubbish. Maybe it is because of the age I am at and stuck in my music ways