Don't treat your children as important as your life parter

January 6, 2010 4:22am CST
Most of parents see their children as the center of their life.however,Can you tell me why do you want to neglect your parter?In fact ,the relationship between husband and wife is very essential to maintain stable family.\ How do you see that?
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@p1kef1sh (45640)
6 Jan 10
I am in agreement with you. You knew your partner first and whilst obviously we should love and care for our children they have their lives to lead just as we have ours. My daughter has moved away now and I am enjoying getting to know my wife or The Boss a I call her, better. So many years pass where a couple are mostly concentrating on their children that waking up one day and discovering that the familiar person beside you is in someone that you need to get to know again. It's exciting!
• China
6 Jan 10
maybe you are right!
• Tianjin, China
14 Jan 10
I agree with you. My son will grow up one day and leave my and my husband,He will have his own life.At that time,my and my husband will still have our happy life.but now ,my son is little,he is only one years old,so,he is the center of my life now.