Is there really games can be played online and earns you money?

January 6, 2010 8:40am CST
Hello Myloters, I often see in many adverts advertising about playing game could and make you money. I am just curious if they are real or just another scam. And if ever they are real how a member could make money from it? Just interested because I am number one addict playing game online specially on facebook and I was thinking that I would be more glad to keep doing more of it if I could make money at the same time. Is anyone here play games online for money and are they really real or have you got payment already? Thanks Myloters and Happy Myloting.
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@Rvd007 (95)
• India
9 Jan 10
Yes u can earn money through playing sm games like supremedestiny all is u have to do is just level up ur charector then sell it in ur place for real cash u can earn in this way i did it with 3 of my charectors i played ragnarok i did this there to hope if u need any thing msg me
@matersfish (6311)
• United States
7 Jan 10
Well, playing games for money does exist! I'm a member at, where I have been playing games for cash for a year. I really have no clue what I've won, as I keep playing and playing instead of cashing out, but I've earned a good $300 or so over the course of a year, just playing now and again. My downfall is that, every time I win 5 or 10 bucks, I bet it all on a much harder game with a bigger cash prize. I always end up with 10 bucks left in my account, and I play Catch 21 or spades until I have 20-something to risk again. You can play a lot of games on this site. Of course, you'll have to deposit money. I deposited $10 at the start and have never had to put another penny in. But like I said, I only make enough to fuel my habit. You can play Monopoly, chess, pool, solitaire, catch 21, spades, royal flush, hearts, and even games like Jeopardy and Deal or No Deal, and so many more. Coincidentally, I've been a member there one year to the day. I haven't been in like three weeks, and after reading this discussion, I went back to get some details for you. I was awarded my one-year trophy this morning! There are a few competition structures involved with World Winner. You can play a few games to beat the game for a few dollar prize. You can play games like my favorite, Catch 21, and go against other players to see who wins the competition. Or you can enter into huge tournaments and walk away with all kinds of money. I'm not sure on World Winner's potential for income. But maybe you're better at the games than I am.
@checkmail (2042)
• India
7 Jan 10
Hello eve3011345 yes its possible to earn some money online while playing games.There are various games online which pays us to play their games, but most of it requires some investment in it, just like other big casino games.Even casino games are included in smaller version on net.You may try the Liberty Reserve 1gold-game, where we have head&tails, pick an colour, even some casino games, like black jack, lot, etc games online.Me too have earned a little but lost much more than it, so presently am now staying aways from it.These online games required an good capital to protect our profits, or we will end up lossing everything avail to us.Anywyas keep it up with your online earning programs, Happy mylotting.
• United States
7 Jan 10
A few months back I was out of work on bed rest and played a lot of games on It's run by Microsoft to promote their new search engine You earn points for playing and can cash them in for prizes. I ended up getting enough for a kitchen timer. They get some great prizes if you get enough points.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
7 Jan 10
There are a number of sites which are presenting competition games. One has to be really skilled to make winnings in those competition games and earn the prizes. I have joined some and have participated, but I must say no success so far. One of the sites is "WorldWinner". I have pretty much given up, not worth for me to be spending any time and money.
@jane239 (521)
6 Jan 10
The one I've seen most about is called Moola. I've seen a few people saying they've been paid but I don't know it well enough myself to recommend it. A lot of the online casino and bingo sites offer cash for signing up sometimes with no need to deposit your own money so they might be worth a try but there's probably terms and conditions on how you can get your money out if you win anything. These sites are much more reliable. Some of the casinos also offer an hours free play and let you keep our winnings so they are worth looking at.