Do you check your partners cellphone?

January 6, 2010 9:01am CST
Hello Myloters, Many relationship respect privacy of each other still but many dont. Cellphone is the number I reckon personal thing of individual and should not be touch by anybody else without permission even if your a husband/wife etc. But just about 4 days ago I meet this girl who is with our friend and I was shock when our friends phone rang and she grab it! I mean it really shocks me because for me even if my partner and I are together for years I cant afford to look at his mobile without asking him first even to the extend I feel like checking it I dont do it because I know afterward I will feel guilty and worst if he finds out he will really loss his trust for me. Do you believe that even if its your husband or wife already they still should have that privacy for themselves? Would you dare check your partners mobile without asking theme first? Thanks Myloters and Happy Myloting
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@Canteen (595)
• China
8 Jan 10
no, i don't check my boy friend's cellphone. coz there's no need to. i know he loves me very much. haha. but i'd read his sms on his phone with his admission. it's interesting to share something funny together. and he doesn't check my cellphone too. sometimes he asked me to let him see my sms. i refused. coz i think i need some privacy anyway.
• India
7 Jan 10
Absolutely not to check the partners cellphones as if you used to check your partners cell phone then it means you don't have trust on your partner loyalty..what i think is that every relationship is stand on trust
• United States
7 Jan 10
I do check my boyfriend's cell phone, but only when he is with me watching me and with his permission. I allow him to do the same. I don't ever check his text messages though, as his conversations with other people should be kept private, if he wishes. He does the same with me. We don't check each other's phones out of suspicion or jealousy, we do it when we're bored and to see what random things we take pictures of or write notes about. He once was jealous of my best friend [a guy] whom I was spending a lot of time with as my boyfriend and I were fighting and I needed someone outside our relationship to talk to. He asked if he could check my phone, including my texts, and I allowed him to. I believe that if your partner asks permission, and you really don't have anything to hide, there isn't really an issue there. He checked my phone, and our fighting stopped. In fact, he felt a lot better and began to trust me more. Our relationship is built on trust, and part of that is knowing we can trust the other. Though we rarely go through the other one's phone - we normally don't feel like we have to, or even want to. We're pretty good about each other's privacy.
• India
6 Jan 10
Well we absolutely differ on this opinion.I do check on my partner's cellphone whenever I am with her and vice-versa. But its not because we dont trust each other, its just that there's nothing to hide between the two of us.
@Genericbe (1378)
• Philippines
6 Jan 10
Sometimes, but does not mean I am in doubt for him. It is our ways to do those stuffs. I do not feel guilty about checking such. If there is nothing to hide then there is no argue about it. It is just part of sharing.